Galielo Robotic Dock for iPhone and iPod Touch

The Galielo allows one to control their iPhone or iPod touch via an iPad or web browser. Their are more than a dozen apps available to control the Galielo
from facial recognition apps to time lapse apps offering professional looking panarama’s along with time lapse features.
There are docking stations available for the iPhone 4/4s with 30pin that supports charging, the dock with newer iPhone 5/5s does not support charging. The Galielo is priced at 149.95 on the Motrr website.

iPhone IOS6.1.2 emoticons

If you are running latest version of IOS6 a really nice touch is the huge array of emoticons that have been added. Go to settings>general>keyboard>keyboards>add New Keyboard>Emoji
when the keyboard pops up select the global symbol on lower row to access the emoticons- there are pages of them.

New iMac

The new iMac is 5mm thick with led backlighting with 40 percent less volume. The screen is also 75 percent less reflective than the last generation screen. It also uses 50 percent less energy with the screen on in idle state, also free of many toxins so very recyclable, and qualifies for energy star 5.2 rating.
Msrp 1299.00 for 21.5 inch model and 1799.00 for 27 inch model. Availability Dec 2012.

Apple Macbook Pro with Retina Display

The new Apple Macbook Pro with its 15.4 inch Retina display has made a quantum leap to a 5.1 megapixel display which is a huge 2880 x 1800 pixels. Its 0.71 inch thick and just 4.46 lbs making it 25 percent thinner. Also has a quad core 2.7 ghz Intel Core i7 Ivy Bridge processor,up to 16 gb ram and 768 gb of ssd drive with 7 hours of battery life.
Msrp 2199.00.

Day Maker

Looking for something different to charge his and her iPhones and wakeup too… then take a look at this product that is called the Day Maker.
This product is under development at 100-125.00 pre order with an msrp of 180.00.

iPhone Shutter Grip

The iPhone Shutter Grip is a handy device for anyone who likes to capture pictures and or video on the iPhone. This device decreases the amount of shake one gets when taking photos or videos. Its also great when you need to change from shooting stills to video as one does not need to stop and select video from on screen, just start video by pushing the black button and seamlessly go back to capture stills by pushing the red button.

How to buy a new iPad without the wait

Well its obvious that the crowds will be out in force at the Apple store when the new iPads go on sale. The 2nd most likely place shoppers will hit is Best Buy. Even online looks like a 2 week waiting list as well. So it might be worth checking your local Radio Shack, Sams club, or Walmart even though inventory will not be the same, but neither will the crowds.

Tired of filling out your email address for online forms?

If your tired of typing out your email address over and over on your iphone there is an easy shortcut. This keyboard shortcut can actually be used for shortening the length of typing any repetitive address or character intensive descriptions using the keyboard shortcut on the iPhone.
Basically go to Settings on your phone, click on General, then scroll down to Keyboard and click, make sure that shortcut is on. Then scroll down to shortcuts and click add new shortcut. You will see a screen with Phrase: this is where you would type in your email for example: john.jones Now you will type in the Shortcut for this address such as So the next time you type in gmail and click enter your actual email address john.jones will appear.
You can do this of course for any number of phrases as well. If your home address is say 403 Franklin st. this could be phrase and enter 403 as shortcut. The next time you type 403 your full st address will appear.