Haier’s Anti-bacterial treated Washer and Dryer

The assumption is that when clothes are washed and dried that they are clean. Haier is actually injecting anti-bacterial treatment with special material that is actually injected into the dna of the plastic and rubber of their washer/drier products as well as their dishwasher machines too. So instead of just treating or coating surface materials its actually embedded into it in the manufacturing process.
This design provides an appliance that can help insure that low energy efficient settings of heat and or hot water temps still can effectively kill bacteria and germs that may still be present to the naked eye otherwise.

Day Maker

Looking for something different to charge his and her iPhones and wakeup too… then take a look at this product that is called the Day Maker.
This product is under development at 100-125.00 pre order with an msrp of 180.00.