Dash for iPhone

If you want a real built in look docking station for your car, then the Devium Dash* for iPhone just might be the thing. It will also work with iPod and obselete proof with your current stereo. The Dash is capable of 50 watts to your front and rear speakers along with a custom dock station for your iPod or iPhone. The top of the line Dash dock is made of solid cnc aluminum faceplate stock and includes all harness wiring to replace current in car stereo.
Msrp: 389.00 to 429.00


*Link deactivated due to malware warning.

Bose Solo Tv Sound System

Most of today’s flat screen televisions do not have a great speaker system built in due to the flat panel design.The Bose Solo
tv sound system can operate as a self contained unit without the usual additional home theatre setup. It has three choices of inputs from analog, coaxial or optical inputs via a single connection. It can also be used with a universal remote if one prefers control of televison and speaker system via a single remote.
Msrp 399.95

10M Atomic Clock

For the true audiophile its possible to buy your own 10M Atomic Clock. The Isochrone 10m by Antelope audio has 10 bnc for any devices with 10mhz reference inputs and the atomic oscillator has an accuracy to 1sec in 1000 years.
Msrp approx 7200.00 US based on 5695.00 Euro (6/2012).

Devium Dash Platform

Since most people carry music on their smart phones why not just replace the car stereo with the Devium Dash Platform*. Then one can use their iPhone 3gs/4g/4gs or ipod touch as their stereo unit or navigation system and not need a pricey dealer installed option as well.
Msrp 349.00 to 389.00 depending on type of faceplate.


*Link deactivated due to malware warning.