Cyber-shot Digital Camera RX100

Sony will be releasing the Cyber-shot Digital Camera RX100 around July 2012. This Camera is being promoted at Sony as “the professionals compact camera”. Looking at the specifications of this compact camera it is deserving of such a title for a compact camera. It has a huge 20.2 megapixel cmos sensor measuring 1 inch combined with a very fast built in F1.6 3.6 optical Carl Zeiss Lens and if this is not impressive enough it shoots up to 10fps. This camera has an ISO rating of 25,600 much like the current high end DSLR segment.
The msrp is 649.99 on the sony website.

Point and Shoot Camera for Events

DSLR cameras are great, the only thing is some events restrict cameras that look too professional, especially ones with removable lenses. They draw too much attention even though your only wanting quality photographs, not to compete with any hired event photographers.

That means without a backup one is left with a camera phone without a second point and shoot camera in hand. So the best camera is the one you have with you, not the great DSLR at home or the one that can not be used at the event.

I have been looking around for something that is a point and shoot with non-removable lens with good optical zoom that is also compact-not much larger than a smart phone.

The Sony Cybershot HX9V fits the bill. It has 16.8  megapixel sensor with 16x optical zoom. Which gives a 35mm equivalent of 25-416mm range. Its  aperature is only 3.3 wide-5.9 tele aperature which is on par with point and shoot cameras. Its still amazing that all this technology can be put in such a small body, and did I mention it also shoots full 1920 X 1080 60P video with optical steady shoot, and simultaneous still photography while in video mode.

At a current list price of 299.99 at its worth taking a look at it.