If the weather in the winter time does not cooperate or not enough evening light after work it might be worth to take a look at the Wattbike. The Wattbike is good enough to simulate real cycling that is endorsed by British Cycling. The Wattbike comes in two models for the serious athlete they have the Wattbike Pro with a resistance range of 0-3760 watts and also sell the Wattbike Trainer with a resistance of 0-2000 watts. They are both priced the same at 2995.00.

Woodway Treadmill

The Woodway Treadmill is not something one normally see’s in the average gym. The treadmills are built to crazy strandards like belts that average 200,000 miles, can support running weights of 500 lbs and walking weights of 800 lbs. Requires no deck replacements or belt replacements, uses 50% less electricity than conventional models. They also have come out with a human powered unit with a unique curve track that is powered by the user running on the curved surface that actually contributes to 30% more energy burn since there is no electric motor that is doing any work.
It utilizes rubberized slats that are ride on toothed drive belts which requires no adjustments for slippage, no lubrication. Another benefit of their unique rubberized slate system being comfortable, it reduces impact to joints by 90% compared to standard treadmill.

A bicycle with no chain

If you are looking for something less messy than a greasy chain thats been around since I can remember, this is a refreshing change. A belt drive has been used on motorcycles for years, even Harley Davidson uses them. So now the smoother quieter cleaner belt is now available on a bicycle. Check it out spotbrand bikes at: