Evouni Smart Phone Pouch

Mashable has a demo video of the Evouni Smart Phone Pouch that provides protection but also adds real value for day to day functionality. It allows adjustment of the phone in a variety of positions, vertical, horizontal or slanted, which also allow hands free skyping. The Evouni pouch will also fit most phones from 3.8 to 4.3 inch screen sizes as well.
Msrp: 30.00

Juice Tank

If you want a iPhone charger and case in one the Juice Tank is the perfect device.There is no need to remove the phone to sync it up as it has a micro usb for sync and charging via usb. There is also a builtin AC 110 fold out prongs to plug into the wall for charging so your never caught without a cable if you need to charge your iPhone in a hurry.
Early bird orders available at 55.00 including shipping in US and will later retail for 70.00. Scheduled delivery is July 2012.

The Smart Dot iPhone Laser Pointer

The Smart Dot enables one to use their iPhone as a laser pointer. The Smart Dot plugs into the iPhone earphone jack and is powered entirely from the iPhone, and only works with iPhone,iPod touch, or iPad. Their is free app to control the Smart Dot from iPhone screen and allow one to enter presentation mode as well as on screen trackpad with the app.
The msrp is 79.90 plus shipping.