Xidax Workstation(s)

If you are looking to invest in a premium workstation it might be worth checking out Xidax computers. They offer an unheard of lifetime guarantee on parts and labor on their Desktop computers with the exception of AMD Video Cards that come with 2 year limited parts warranty and excluded from the lifetime guarantee. No need for expensive service contracts or extended warranties, nearly all manufacturers usually have a time limit on even paid warranties..which makes Xidax guarantee even more incredible in my opinion.

Xidax offers up custom user and preconfigured designed workstations for demanding applications and Adobe products, specifically the programs within Adobe Creative Suite and Photoshop Elements. Ready to handle 3D Modeling.The builds in their workstation series begin with the W-4 at 1790.00, W-6 at 4864.00, and the top tier W-8 at 10,939.00. The W-8 at the 10,939.00 includes 64GB – Corsair Dominator Platinum 2400MHz DDR3, NVIDIA® Quadro™ K6000 12GB GDDR5, two XIDAX Performance 512GB SSD drives, and one Western Digital Black 4TB – 7200RPM 3.5″ HDD, ASUS Rampage IV Black Edition X79 Motherboard, Overclocked Intel Core i7-4960X (4.2 – 4.7GHz), Corsair AX1200i Modular Power Supply. These are the main highlights of this system which can be further customized by the user.

Geekbox Artisans Promise

Its not often that I write about service as the product, when its this strong like Geekbox’s it definitely should be on the radar, the quality of the products they sell goes without saying and definitely worth considering if your in the market for a workstation,laptop,or gaming pc with highend graphics.
Geekbox has an “Artisans Promise” that provides: Free Lifetime Service and Support. This includes:
“All software, game and hardware related issues
Remote assistance
Face to Face Support at our boutique
Data migrations from your old desktops or laptops
Spyware, malware and virus removals
Unlimited Toll-Free Phone Support
Friendly, knowledgeable Geekbox employed technicians – based in the USA”
They claim they are not just employee’s and Geekbox is not a job, its about people with a calling. Their tech support is almost
unheard of in today’s downsized world of talking with remote tech support that may not even be in the same country. Their products are made in USA and support is at their location with a direct contact who will be familar with your product that needs service or support.

Intel Wireless Display

It appears that display manufactures along with PC makers, certain media players and tv adapter manufactureres are getting on board with Intel’s Widi technology. With latest 3.5 upgrade latency of 60ms is possible depending on whether one is using Ivy chip set, and current recommended hardware.
The latest 3rd generation Intel processors support full 1080p that was previously limited to 720p. Also supports Windows 8 and 5.1 surround sound as well.

Alienware M14X

The Alienware M14X has a real quality build feel to it than your traditional laptop. Granted it is designed more for gamers, but with capability to handle the fast frame rates of gamers, this makes it great for people that need to use editing software or programs that demand high graphic capabilities.
Alienware is now carried by Dell and offers up an array of customization from processor options,sdram,hard drive options, graphic card options.
Msrp:999.00 to 1449.00

Digital Storm Aventum with Cryo-Tech Cooling

The Digital Storm Aventum comes with their Cryo-Tech Cooling system that won the 2012 CES Invovation award for its innovation as one of the most advanced smart thermal management systems in a computer.Besides the award winning cooling system it comes with top of the line components such as the Intel 3.3ghz i7-3960 processor that can be overclocked to 4.5ghz in its sleep in this rig. It has one of the most massive cases I have ever seen by design. The top of the line Cryo-Tech version takes the Cpu to below 0 deg C.
Msrp 4962.00-8837.00.