Altinex Muse

While everyone is waiting for the arrival of HDbase-T 5 play system to arrive, Altinex has developed their own “Muse”(trademarked) system which is HDMI,Power (150watts),IR, RS232. Although not a true HDbase-T system, since it does not transmit is more practical in todays technology since it can transmit HDMI 1080p and deliver up to 150 watts of AC power over standard Cat6 cable up to 100 meters vs. only 100 watts spec of the HDbase-T standard when 5 play is delivered to market.
This has lots of practical uses in tradeshow events, for installers- no expensive ac electrical wiring, one can basically hang a monitor anywhere and run a single cat6 cable and get power to it out of standard IEC/Nema powercord, as well as hdmi 1080p video up to 100meters away from power and video HD source.
The source needs to be HDMI and audio needs to be embedded as there is no seperate analog input on the transmitter input side, and the reciever side is
also straight HDMI with no analog audio breakout. This unit should be able to handle about any energy star 6.0 rated display in theory. I know there are
50inch 6.0 energy star rated ones that have 75watt rating which is well under the Altinex MU system specs that should be fine, It would be interesting to see in real world applications running some of the larger advertised 65-75in energy star 6.0 rated displays.
The great thing about the Altinex system is that unlike HDbase-T, one is not locked into certain display or proprietary option card(s) system, this can be attached to any display not exceeding the 150watt rating of the system. It also has about 50watt more headroom in the way of power compared to HDbase-T.
It is currently offered for sale as a system at 1149.00Focused Technology with tx(MU-400-111) and rx(MU500-112) as a Altinex MU600-001 Single Muse HDMI.

Vespa 946

Today there are actually a lot of automobiles that are getting comparative or better mileage than many motorcycles on the road.
The Vespa 946 is powered by an extremely fuel efficient 125cc engine and provides nearly 130mpg fuel efficiency. This is really amazing considering this is much higher than slower 49cc mopeds that are too slow to keep pace with traffic around town.

Idea Paint

Idea Paint allows collaboration to a new level. No need for formal classroom settings, computers, projectors, etc. Just paint your surfaces with idea paint and use dry erase markers, they claim it erases clean everytime.
Msrp: 225.00 for 50sq ft. in either clear to write over any color, white, or bold black.

FujiFilm XF1 Camera

The Fujifilm XF1 Camera is a compact camera with a large 2/3inch sensor with a built in F1.8 fast aperature lens. It also has a real manual zoom ring instead of a motor, which shooter’s that are use to DSLR’s appreciate. It has 35mm equivalent of 25-100mm which gives it 4X optical zoom range. The XF1 records in raw+jpeg, as well as .mov when recording video 1920 x 1080 hd, 1280 x720 hd, and 640 x 480.
The XF1 Camera has a rated ISO of 100-12800.
Msrp: 499.99

Airpod Car

Maybe the hybrids,electics, and natural gas cars need to share the limelight with the Tata Airpod concept car. It claims to deliver 125 miles on 175 liters of air up to 50 mph and a vehicle capacity of up to 3. Its initially expected to target market’s is India and South Africa.

Dash for iPhone

If you want a real built in look docking station for your car, then the Devium Dash* for iPhone just might be the thing. It will also work with iPod and obselete proof with your current stereo. The Dash is capable of 50 watts to your front and rear speakers along with a custom dock station for your iPod or iPhone. The top of the line Dash dock is made of solid cnc aluminum faceplate stock and includes all harness wiring to replace current in car stereo.
Msrp: 389.00 to 429.00


*Link deactivated due to malware warning.