Fubar Demolition Bar

Stanley tools offers up the Fubar Demolition Bar. This is one of those things one usually finds they need most when they do not have one handy. Its got an assortment of nail pullers, builtin prybar, cutting pryinging ripping material, makes it a great demolition tool. Has a bolt on grip for more comfort and less slippage.
Msrp 20.00.

Sven-Saw Folding Saw

Most saws look unsafe even when not in use, with the exposed blades and size. This makes it difficult to even transport or store except on a wall in a tool shop usually. The Sven-Saw Folding Saw makes it convenient to keep one in a tool box or trunk of a car, or pack in a backpack for camping. The Sven-Saw Folding Saw is available in 15inch or 21inch models.
Msrp of 30.00 for 15inch and 32.00 for 21inch model.

Hammer Screwdriver Tool

The Hammer Screwdriver Tool comes in handy when one does not need to drop everything while working and then realize they either need a hammer or a screwdriver. This combination tool has both so it makes it very convienient and timely when working on your home project.
Its available from School House & Electric Supply Co. with an msrp of 20.00.