Bose Videowave TV Review: It’s the Future Now

We walked into the Bose store at Southpoint and were surprised to see a Bose branded TV.

A Bose TV? Bose is the famous high quality speaker company. We see their speaker ads on TV, in magazines, everywhere.

Bose is known for their audio.

But from what I am told, Bose had spent nearly a decade developing  a TV with it’s famous quality audio: The Bose Videowave TV.

Speakers? It does not require a separate home theatre system, floor speakers, sound bars etc.  Did you get that? No separate speakers. None.

Remote? Also it can control all inputs and controls from the one remote so it does not require multiple remotes or another complex home theatre remote such as Harmony, Crestron, etc to run an entire array of devices. That means, in theory, only ONE REMOTE.

Menu? It uses a beautifully designed minimalist remote that allows one to operate everything with finger scrolling on the remote accessing menus that appear around the border of the screen.

Size? The set is 46 inch diagonal display and 6 inch thick with 13 speakers that are built into the cabinet using their proprietary Bose audio wave technology that has amplifier built into the set.

iPod? It comes with an iPod docking station that works with Ipod and Iphone and the playlists come up on the actual television screen which is a nice touch, and all controlled from the ONE remote.

Screen? It displays 1920x1080P Native resolution. They apparently went with 46inch display as it’s more practical size in other parts of the world outside of the US. Also this set is not using the latest “led” backlit technology because LCD is a proven technology and “led” is still relatively, the store sales person explained to me.

Audio Power? Bose does not publish the specs on the audio power, however it sounds more than adequate for a family room and reflects the sound off the walls from built-in speaker array to give one amazing surround sound feel,one should check out a live in-store demo.

Price? Are you ready? $5400.

Can we agree on this? At first glance it seems expensive.

However…consider this:

It does not need a separate:

  • audio system,
  • wires,
  • custom mounted external speakers,
  • multiple remote control systems.

This is well worth it if you like an easy-to-operate system with great sound and are not interested in a complex system to operate with the latest large display.

So if you’re looking for an elegant design, ease of use, complimentary installation, with great customer support, it might be worth it.