Google TV

Sony manufacters the Google TV integrated in certain Sony models ranging in screen size from 24 inch to 46 inch sized LCD. If one already owns a relatively new HDTV with HDMI inputs (does not have to be Sony) one can buy a stand alone Google TV Set Top Box with integrated Blu Ray player for around 199.00. Its possible to search tv programs without needing to know what channel something is on. Great for doing Web browsing, even multitasking with the picture in picture feature. Lots of many free apps available, there is even a free Google TV remote app for Android and Iphone. One can watch movies streamed directly from the Netflix app, Amazon, or many of the other services.
If someone is not into a lot of technical hookup/setup and wanting a cleaner looking system the Sony Google TV might be the way to go, surprisingly the refresh rate on all the Sony Google TV sets are 60 Hz not the 120 or 240 Hz refresh rates that have become more common place today. If your just wanting a larger screen to display web/internet content and not watching fast motion such as sports; or fast action video content the Sony Google TV might be a good choice.