Holtkoetter 2573 Halogen and 2636 Led Floor Lamp

The Holtkotter 2573 Floor Lamp is a rare find today. If you have tried looking for a variable halogen single 500 watt style torch lamp, they are no longer manufactured. The Holtkotter had a clever way by utilizing three 150 watt halogens integrated into the lighting head assembly.The quality and finish of their lights whether halogen or newer led models is substantially higher, especially noticeable in the 2573 floor models. They are noticeable heavier and the elegant design of the controls on the Holtkotter 2573 exudes quality.
The Holtkotter 2625 Led Floor Lamp is worth checking out as it outputs an equivalent 240 watt halogen at only 36 watts with 3360 Lumens with color temp of 2900 Kelvin. The dimming technology is also their own patented design to eliminate any reliability problems and has capability of dimming from 0.001 to 100 percent.