ISO 204,800 Anyone?

The New Nikon D4 is a replacement for the long admired D3s that succeeded the previous flagship D3. The D3x will still be Nikon’s top of line camera since it still tops the megapixel count at 24.5 megapixel compared to the new D4 at 16.2 megapixel.However the D4 is a formidable challenger with many new features at nearly 2000.00 less. The new D4 will shoot/capture raw at 10 Fps and capture video at 1080P 30fps with stereo sound.The Nikon D4 also has a 91k RGB pixel metering system vs. the former 1005 pixel RGB sensor 3D Color matrix metering system of the D4s and D3x which should allow for much more accurate metering. Not to mention a max ISO of 204,800. It is priced at 5999.95 list.