Epson R-D1x(g) very retro digital

Looking for a digital camera that is disguised as a traditional looking stylish film camera? Then take a look at the Epson R-D1s rangefinder digital camera. It works with the Leica M or L mounts as well as the M39 mounts with an adapter.
I will say its been out for a very long time with the R-D1s model dating back to 2009, and its only 6 megapixels, not full frame, aps-c size with 1.5x crop factor however it does have analog controls, and dials which is definitely a standout feature in todays menu driven digitals.Along with capability of using matching Leica glass with this retro rangefinder body will definitely have people take notice.
These cameras seem to be very scarce and seem to command premium prices even on the used market due to their uniqueness.