Consider B-Stock Apple Products

Anyone who has been in an Apple store knows that the price is what it is, ahh the economics of supply and demand. No big discounts or those after Christmas sales on the Ipads or Mac notebooks to be had at the Apple store. Well something to consider is looking at the B stock refurbished Ipads, MacBook Air, IMac, MacBook Pro, Ipod, Nano, Mac Pro, Displays. Just look for these items under the Shop Refurbished heading. The discounts vary anywhere from 11 to 27 percent depending on the item, it seems the Ipads, notebooks, MacBooks generally average around 15 percent for current models up to 27 percent to those not minding some that are 2010 models.
A good example is one of the latest 11inch MacBook Air notebooks that is normally 999.00 that is discounted to 849.00 which is a 15% discount which includes a 1 year warranty.