Sony PMW F3 Camera

Are you wanting to step into 35mm Digital Cinematography that up till recently was out of reach except for the large film, production houses, and Hollywood big budget movie producers. Even rentals could run in the thousands per day just for the equipment. Sony has come out with
an “affordable” full sensor 35mm digital camera body Sony PMW F3L for 16,800 list before lens or 24,800 list for PMW F3k that includes 3 PL lens kit 35,50,85mm T-2.0.
Granted by the time one adds on additional accessories, tripod, filter, etc it will easily exceed 30k, however its way lay less than the
6 figures that was previously required, so its still within reach of the well heeled aspiring film students, and professionals wanting to step up to real 35mm Digital Cinematography with an established Sony workflow and less than the price of an average home.