Galielo Robotic Dock for iPhone and iPod Touch

The Galielo allows one to control their iPhone or iPod touch via an iPad or web browser. Their are more than a dozen apps available to control the Galielo
from facial recognition apps to time lapse apps offering professional looking panarama’s along with time lapse features.
There are docking stations available for the iPhone 4/4s with 30pin that supports charging, the dock with newer iPhone 5/5s does not support charging. The Galielo is priced at 149.95 on the Motrr website.

Genie- Motion Control Time Lapse Device

If you ever wanted to use your camera for time lapse and motion control without lots of homemade rigging this is the device for you, its called the Genie.
Its an easy to use device that covers linear and panning motion control as well as time lapse photography. It has preset modes, preview mode, and portability. The company also has smartphone apps underdevelopment to control the Genie as well.