Pinion bike transmission

If you ever had to deal with a bike derailluer system you know how difficult they can be to adjust and maintain as well as susceptible to damage easily. The pinion bike transmission is fully
contained system that is sealed and eliminates cassette hub assembly as well. The trade off would be the weight differential but for some who rather be out riding it may well be worth it,
especially in rough terrain and elements.

Porsche Bike S and RS

The Porsche Bike S and RS models represent an extension of their brand into other modes of transportation, an interesting way of having a Porsche as a mode of “green” transportation.
The RS is actually impressive with its carbon fiber frame, seat post, fork, handle bars and stem.
Coupled with hydraulic disc brakes, and weighs in at only 19.8 lbs, the S model weighs in at 24.2 lbs
as it utilizes less carbon fiber such as an aluminum frame.
Msrp for RS model is 7820.00 and the S is 4690.00.

Motobecane Le Champion & Shimano Ultegra DI2 Electronic Shifter

Manual shifting has been around since bikes were invented, its kinda like still using rotary phone dials on your cell phone had the technology not evolved. Well now electronic shifting is possible due to advancement in technology, and I was surprised that one can now buy a high quality bike with an electronic shifter for what a Dura-Ace Electronic DI2 shifter cost alone until the Shimano Ultegra DI2 shifter came on the market.
Until the Shimano Ultegra DI2 Electronic Shifter appeared on the market, the flagship Dura-Ace Electronic shifter was out of reach for most people retailing around 2800.00. I ran across this combo of a Motobecane Le Champion & Shimano Ultegra DI2 Electronic Shifter bike for less than what a Dura Ace shifter alone would cost.
One should be able to ride around 1000 miles per charge of course this will depend on frequency of shifts. In addition to the Shimano Ultegra DI2 electronic shifter, the Motobecane LE Champion CF Ultegra comes with Mavic KSYRIUM ELITE 011 BLACK rims with QRM Bearings which one finds more commonly on the 8000 bikes. So this is a great value at just 2795.00.