Galielo Robotic Dock for iPhone and iPod Touch

The Galielo allows one to control their iPhone or iPod touch via an iPad or web browser. Their are more than a dozen apps available to control the Galielo
from facial recognition apps to time lapse apps offering professional looking panarama’s along with time lapse features.
There are docking stations available for the iPhone 4/4s with 30pin that supports charging, the dock with newer iPhone 5/5s does not support charging. The Galielo is priced at 149.95 on the Motrr website.

The Cray 500k supercomputer

Around a decade ago just around 100 or so facilities could justify the expense of a supercomputer. Nowadays their is a real need for them for as prices
are falling enough where it could provide ROI easily in today’s demand of data analysis.
Apparently Cray has a low cost supercomputer, the Cray XC-30AC priced around 500,000 starting which is way less than the typical 10-30 million dollar price tag of the XC-30 version.

Altinex Muse

While everyone is waiting for the arrival of HDbase-T 5 play system to arrive, Altinex has developed their own “Muse”(trademarked) system which is HDMI,Power (150watts),IR, RS232. Although not a true HDbase-T system, since it does not transmit is more practical in todays technology since it can transmit HDMI 1080p and deliver up to 150 watts of AC power over standard Cat6 cable up to 100 meters vs. only 100 watts spec of the HDbase-T standard when 5 play is delivered to market.
This has lots of practical uses in tradeshow events, for installers- no expensive ac electrical wiring, one can basically hang a monitor anywhere and run a single cat6 cable and get power to it out of standard IEC/Nema powercord, as well as hdmi 1080p video up to 100meters away from power and video HD source.
The source needs to be HDMI and audio needs to be embedded as there is no seperate analog input on the transmitter input side, and the reciever side is
also straight HDMI with no analog audio breakout. This unit should be able to handle about any energy star 6.0 rated display in theory. I know there are
50inch 6.0 energy star rated ones that have 75watt rating which is well under the Altinex MU system specs that should be fine, It would be interesting to see in real world applications running some of the larger advertised 65-75in energy star 6.0 rated displays.
The great thing about the Altinex system is that unlike HDbase-T, one is not locked into certain display or proprietary option card(s) system, this can be attached to any display not exceeding the 150watt rating of the system. It also has about 50watt more headroom in the way of power compared to HDbase-T.
It is currently offered for sale as a system at 1149.00Focused Technology with tx(MU-400-111) and rx(MU500-112) as a Altinex MU600-001 Single Muse HDMI.

Xidax Workstation(s)

If you are looking to invest in a premium workstation it might be worth checking out Xidax computers. They offer an unheard of lifetime guarantee on parts and labor on their Desktop computers with the exception of AMD Video Cards that come with 2 year limited parts warranty and excluded from the lifetime guarantee. No need for expensive service contracts or extended warranties, nearly all manufacturers usually have a time limit on even paid warranties..which makes Xidax guarantee even more incredible in my opinion.

Xidax offers up custom user and preconfigured designed workstations for demanding applications and Adobe products, specifically the programs within Adobe Creative Suite and Photoshop Elements. Ready to handle 3D Modeling.The builds in their workstation series begin with the W-4 at 1790.00, W-6 at 4864.00, and the top tier W-8 at 10,939.00. The W-8 at the 10,939.00 includes 64GB – Corsair Dominator Platinum 2400MHz DDR3, NVIDIA® Quadro™ K6000 12GB GDDR5, two XIDAX Performance 512GB SSD drives, and one Western Digital Black 4TB – 7200RPM 3.5″ HDD, ASUS Rampage IV Black Edition X79 Motherboard, Overclocked Intel Core i7-4960X (4.2 – 4.7GHz), Corsair AX1200i Modular Power Supply. These are the main highlights of this system which can be further customized by the user.

New Mac Pro and D700 GPU

The New Mac Pro is offered up in a myriad of available user configurations. The base price ranging from 2999.00 for one with a 4 core processor and 3999.00 for the base model with a 6 core processor, all the way up to 9599.00 with a fully optioned 12 core processor and dual D700 graphic cards.
Where it gets interesting is in Apple’s offering of the graphics card. There is a lot of comparison of the Mac Pro AMD D700 and the AMD Firepro W9000.
What is interesting is the Firepro W9000 msrp 3999.00 and can be purchased around 3500.00 on various sites when I checked. That is about 7000.00 worth of graphics power. Someone can purchase a 3999.00 mac pro 6 core processor unit and 600.00 upgrade from D500 to dual D700 graphic cards for an msrp of 4599.00 on the Apple’s website.
Initially there is probably not a lot of programs to take full advantage of GPU architecture compared with window based Firepro W9000, however it looks
like at 600.00 its a bargain when comparing an AMD Firepro W9000 and practically getting the Mac Pro 6 core unit for free.
Personally the base unit would be way more than I would personally need, however looking at all the configurations…for the money I think if someone who required the power for graphics rendering,editing,photoshop,etc and to future proof themselves and at the same time find a “sweet spot” from a price point..this is how I would configure a system :

1) Select the 6 core Mac 3999.00
2) Select 32GB of 1866mhz DDR3 ECC memory 400.00
3) Select 512 GB PCIe Flash based storage 300.00
4) Select Dual AMD Firepro D700 Gpu’s of6GB GDDR5 Vram 600.00

Total: 5299.00