Leather Canning Jar Travel Mugs

With the holidays around the corner, this is not only a practical gift but unique. The best part it fits the ubiquitous and lowly canning jar. The holdster is handmade from three environmentally friendly tanneries and with its custom hand stitching coupled with canning jar is sure to be a great gift and conversation piece.
Msrp: 21.99 to 30.99

Exascale Computing

Titan is capable of 20,000 trillion calculations per second or 20 petaflops and is operated by Oak Ridge National Laboratory, part of the U.S. Department of Energy’s network of research labs. The ultimate goal is to build a 1,000 petaflops supercomputer.

J42CE820 42″ Commercial LED HDTV

Once upon a time RCA was America’s equivalent of Sony. I ran across what might be one of the best kept secrets that one does not find in your usual search for a television its the RCA J42CE820 42inch LED TV. The commercial tv market that are manufactured for the Hospitality industry have a lot of features that parents could actually be interested in. Has channel lock outs, can do channel grouping, instead of usual channel numbers can do your own ID labeling, disable menu, auto power up to a specific channel are just a few standard features.
Since they are also designed for commercial use and have 2 year advanced replacement factory warranties that guarantee 48 hour replacement at no additional cost.
The RCA Led J42CE820 might be a bargain considering the features along with the warranty program and is designed for 24/7 use in a commercial setting as well as standard power saving features. It is possible to purchase one for nearly the same cost of a basic consumer model and possibly less considering the strong warranty with this type of set.

Carbonite backup system

If you want to protect valuable data, photos, work documents, then it would be worth checking out Carbonite. Carbonite automatically backs up your files and encrypts them off site safely. They offer a free 15 day trial for home pc and 30 day free trial for business.
The pricing plans begin at 59.00 with unlimited GB storage backup on 1 pc or mac personal computer.

Peerless HDS-PB100 Pico Broadcaster

The Pico Broadcaster is the worlds 1st professional AV atsc based low power licensed unit that will work with any atsc digital tv tuner and allows unlimited transmission to televisions within 350 feet range.The price includes the 1st year FCC database license fee that updates itself automatically once its registered.
Will accept laptop/ desktop and media players with IP transport output capabilities.
It has an msrp 1999.00.

Worlds Largest LED TV with 3D capability

Sharp has introduced the LC90LE745U which is a 90 inch LCD set with 500 leds for full back lighting. This set is the largest non-plasma display available for the home market consumer and is 3D ready as well. It has 2 X 10w L/R audio and one 15w subwoofer audio system. 4-Hdmi, 2 usb, 1 ethernet, 1 RS232 connection, 1 HD component, 1 composite , 2 audio outputs, 1 digital audio optical. It also has 8000000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, at 120 hz refresh rate. Built in QAM, ATSC, NTSC tuners.
The current msrp 10999.00.

Dolby PRM-4200 Monitor

Since the demise of CRT monitors nothing has really been able to fill in for a true CRT monitor until the Dolby PRM-4200 Monitor. For a colorist or post work it is possible to color grading without a digital projector due to its myriad of settings. A client can see exactly what video will look like as it will emulate whatever standard or display without need of projection.
Has 3D LUT table built in, also can view all dark and highlights without clipping that most monitors would typically clip.

Hoka Running Shoe

If you want a comfortable lightweight shoe that feels like running or walking on a cushion of air then you need to try out the Hoka running shoe. It offers no trade offs in getting superior cushioning without being weighted down like a heavy trainer and its deceptively lightweight.
This technology comes at a price though, however this is a shoe one can train in and race in with no race day
Msrp 140.00-170.00