Evouni Smart Phone Pouch

Mashable has a demo video of the Evouni Smart Phone Pouch that provides protection but also adds real value for day to day functionality. It allows adjustment of the phone in a variety of positions, vertical, horizontal or slanted, which also allow hands free skyping. The Evouni pouch will also fit most phones from 3.8 to 4.3 inch screen sizes as well.
Msrp: 30.00

Toyota Hybrid, Nissan Leaf & Chevy Volt

After personally driving each one of these vehicles and doing much research I think the general public does not fully grasp the merits of these vehicles. Each has its own merits and anyone of the three is in a league of their own. I noticed that even sales people at their respective dealerships do not take time to fully understand their competitors brand, so I doubt that the public will get the most accurate information from some sales people.
I think the engineering and design and materials in these vehicles far surpasses even the msrp pricing that is asked for these vehicles. Take the volt for instance it uses a powerful 16kw (16.5kw for 20130 lithium battery pack to push a vehicle weighing
it utilizes an 18qt active thermal liquid cooling system for the power control electronics, generator,and battery pack systems.
Builtin ABS and regenerative braking system, 4 large disc brake system, all speed traction control with stabilink. This is just some
of the technology.
The Toyota Hybrid brand has a decade lead on its other competitors and even licenses out its technology. The Hybrid has gone from a novelty car or just for eco green folks to a more main stream car. Fortunately Toyota overdesigned this vehicle and I believe without its successful launch we would not have the renaissance in the hybrid and electric car market today. Nearly all manufacturers are
turning toward hybrid or electric technology.
The Leaf is in unchartered territory and may lead the way into the growth of new charging infrastructure with charging stations for the public to encourage us not to rely totally on fuel. It is an amazing experience to drive in total freedom from petro on the highway, even though the gps nav system with nearest charging station is interesting, it shows how advanced the car is versus the current or lack of infrastructure or maybe its using latest apple IOS without Google map function? Hopefully its not too far ahead of its time, Nissan should be applauded for committing to such an endeavor with a
well thought out design. Maybe this will create many jobs in updating the nations electrical grid to encourage more vehicles like this without worrying about range anxiety. I think if everyone could afford one and went out and bought one our electrical grid sytem would collapse, especially in the summer, this really needs some attention if we are serious about electrical technology.
So there is no one best car between the volt, toyota hybrid, and leaf. This all depends on each person’s situation such as commuting distance, miles driven daily, wether its a primary car or not, how is their current local infrastructure, enough down time to full charge car between usage.
Yes there are other electric hybrid cars just comparing these three brands as they are pretty much the leaders in their prospective group.

James Law Cybertecture Architecture

The visual effect of the physical pool of the 140m Parinee Ism tower was designed by Architect James Law. The major theme is fluidity and ripple effect of water droplets, is the main design concept of this tower. The 30 stories of residential units have swimming pools that visually appear such that one can swim over the edge due to the visual effect of the physical pools and design elements of the building design.


Being interested in solar art I found this article on the Art Gallery of Renewable Energy.
Solar Intersections Art in Davis California
Solar Intersections is a commissioned work by renown artist and educator Robert Behrens. The installation built in 1989 includes sixteen 70-foot-high steel poles coated with a special adhesive paint on which solar panels are placed”>Solar Intersections is a commissioned work by renown artist and educator Robert Behrens. The installation built in 1989 includes sixteen 70-foot-high steel poles coated with a special adhesive paint on which solar panels are placed.”

Solar Vapor Generation by Nanoparticles

ACS Nano just published an article on Solar Vapor Generation by Nanoparticles. This technology is being hailed by Rice Universtiy Engineers as revolutionary as it is now possible to convert solar energy directly into steam without the need of heating the entire volume. This opens up many new scientific uses such as sterilization, sanitation, and steam generators with greater efficiencies
as water can be converted directly to steam on a nano scale than macro scale.

Omnio Wow-Keys Keyboard

The Omnio Wow-Keys Keyboard is great way to integrate your iPhone to a full size keyboard. Can download an app and use your iPhone as a touch pad, use screen as numerical numbers, and hot key functionality. The keyboard allows you to switch between pc mode to phone mode to answer emails using a full size keyboard or answer text and then switch back to keyboard mode. It can also be used as a standalone keyboard with just iPhone for easier typing. When plugged into a pc via usb it will also charge the iPhone when docked.

Google Nexus Tablet

If a higher resolution display than the current generation Ipad or non proprietary connectivity to your DSLR or home entertainment system is desired then the Google Nexus tablet is definitely investigating as an alternative to the iPad.
The nexus tablet has 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution on its 10 inch display and micro hdmi connectivity and available with 16 or 32 gig
byte storage.
Msrp: 399.00 for 16gb and 499.00 for 32 gb model

Steampunk Mini Cooper

Carlex Design has taken steampunk design and applied its own interpretation to the mini cooper automobile. The car creation looks like something one would see in a sci-fi movie or something created from pixar for a new disney movie or a new “Back to the Future” movie.
Simply amazing attention to detail and design that totally transformed the mini cooper.