Pinion bike transmission

If you ever had to deal with a bike derailluer system you know how difficult they can be to adjust and maintain as well as susceptible to damage easily. The pinion bike transmission is fully
contained system that is sealed and eliminates cassette hub assembly as well. The trade off would be the weight differential but for some who rather be out riding it may well be worth it,
especially in rough terrain and elements.

JVC GY-HM650 Camera

The JVC GY-HM650 camera is really the complete camera for today’s demand of real time 24/7 competition, not just news anymore with social media, smartphones, etc. It allows direct uploads via ftp directly from the camera to ftp server with wifi or 4G broadband usb stick. It has an amazing 29-667mm 23x zoom (35mm equivalent). Includes HDSDI and hdmi outputs. 2 SDHC or SDXC cards that record independent formats simultaneously, possible to record full HD (.mov, mxf, avchd or .mp4 native sony xdcam ex) and simultaneously record low resolution proxy size file for web.
Also other useful features includes wireless/networked smartphone, tablet or pc remote zoom, record, edit controls.

iPhone IOS6.1.2 emoticons

If you are running latest version of IOS6 a really nice touch is the huge array of emoticons that have been added. Go to settings>general>keyboard>keyboards>add New Keyboard>Emoji
when the keyboard pops up select the global symbol on lower row to access the emoticons- there are pages of them.

Lumio Lamp

Every once in awhile something old becomes new again, and the Lumio Lamp fits the bill. It unfolds from a traditional book into a lamp, has very powerful magnets built into the cover so can easily be hung anywhere there is flat metal surface. The Lumio Lamp will run up to 8 hours and can be recharged via traditional usb connection.

Vespa 946

Today there are actually a lot of automobiles that are getting comparative or better mileage than many motorcycles on the road.
The Vespa 946 is powered by an extremely fuel efficient 125cc engine and provides nearly 130mpg fuel efficiency. This is really amazing considering this is much higher than slower 49cc mopeds that are too slow to keep pace with traffic around town.