Digimemo L2

The Digimemo L2 lets you capture everything digitally using regular ink with the digipen and a normal paper notepad or ordinary paper.
The digital pad will also work as a tablet when connected via usb to a pc or mac as well. Easily copy or move to other program files such as Outlook e-mail message, Word file or Excel file …etc. Can also be saved as PDF, TIF, BMP, JPG, GIF or PNG format.

Geekbox Artisans Promise

Its not often that I write about service as the product, when its this strong like Geekbox’s it definitely should be on the radar, the quality of the products they sell goes without saying and definitely worth considering if your in the market for a workstation,laptop,or gaming pc with highend graphics.
Geekbox has an “Artisans Promise” that provides: Free Lifetime Service and Support. This includes:
“All software, game and hardware related issues
Remote assistance
Face to Face Support at our boutique
Data migrations from your old desktops or laptops
Spyware, malware and virus removals
Unlimited Toll-Free Phone Support
Friendly, knowledgeable Geekbox employed technicians – based in the USA”
They claim they are not just employee’s and Geekbox is not a job, its about people with a calling. Their tech support is almost
unheard of in today’s downsized world of talking with remote tech support that may not even be in the same country. Their products are made in USA and support is at their location with a direct contact who will be familar with your product that needs service or support.

Haier’s Anti-bacterial treated Washer and Dryer

The assumption is that when clothes are washed and dried that they are clean. Haier is actually injecting anti-bacterial treatment with special material that is actually injected into the dna of the plastic and rubber of their washer/drier products as well as their dishwasher machines too. So instead of just treating or coating surface materials its actually embedded into it in the manufacturing process.
This design provides an appliance that can help insure that low energy efficient settings of heat and or hot water temps still can effectively kill bacteria and germs that may still be present to the naked eye otherwise.

Wacom Inkling

The Wacom Inkling allows one to sketch using the digital sketch pen on a traditional sketch pad on regular paper. So one can draw pretty much free hand on paper and then the digital files are transferred using the Inkling Sketch Manager software and then transferred to Adobe photoshop or illustrator. Inkling does allow digital layering of digital files while you are sketching on paper. The Inkling reciever can store hundreds of sketches before requiring transferring to a pc or mac.

Msrp 199.95

Nikon 1 V2 Mirrorless camera

The Nikon 1 V2 Mirrorless camera has added a 14.2 MP sensor that is nearly 50% larger than the former V1 model. It adds functionality of a DSLR with viewfinder and higher ISO of 6400 with the advantage of lightweight of a mirrorless camera ( 9.8 oz without lens vs 24.3 oz for a D7000 Nikon Dslr without lens). Although DSLR cameras are trending toward 24 and 36 megapixel, for day to day practical stills 14.2 mp is more manageable and also helps ease of use by keeping camera weight down. Another nice feature is the pop up flash with a real hot shoe for a full size flash.
The Nikon 1 V2 can also record 1920x1080i,24P or 30P, and 1280x720P in .mov format. This looks like a good all around camera when you want something more than a point and shoot, without the weight of a full fledged Dslr yet still deliver excellent results even in low light situations.
I find the naming convention a little confusing and the price point point for a 14.2 mp camera makes it vulnerable to a lot of choices
for the consumer…especially for the serious photographer looking to move up. However if its size, convenience, weight, combined with features and the Nikon brand in a small package then its very competitive in my opinion.
Msrp: 799.00 body, 899.00 w/10-30mm lens, 1149.00 w/30-110mm lens.

Instacube: Instagram streaming to real digital frame

The Instacube has taken the popular Instagram application and has allowed it to take a leap from an android based smartphone
to a digital frame. Since the photos are up scaled to 600 X 600 they are no longer small images and are transformed to digital
canvas. The Instacube has a touch screen keyboard for setup and can be used for controlling lights, doors, airconditioning, etc
besides just display Instagram photos.
It would be a great addition at parties,social media events, conferences, and a logical addition for a twitter feed. Looks like a device with many different possibilities and engaging people.
Its recently surpassed its fund raising goal at Kickstarter and scheduled for Mar 2013 delivery.

Hyperjuice 100watt battery for iPhone,iPad,macbook

With recent storm outages in New York and New Jersey, the Hyperjuice products definitely comes in handy. Since more people depend on their cell and smart phones its a problem when power is out for days or even weeks. The Hyperjuice 100w can recharge an iPhone 23 times equivalent, and the Hyperjuice 222w can charge an iPhone up to 52 times equivalent as well or power an iPad 53 hrs or macbook 45 hrs.
There is a hyperjuice micro and mini and hyperjuice plug as well if one needs a smaller pack for just their iPhone and do not need to drive a macbook.