Britek Energy return wheel

Sometimes it does pay to reinvent the wheel. It looks like Britek is well on the way to reinventing the wheel. It appears that has many advantages over the pneumatic tire. For one thing they claim 50% better coasting than a standard tire, as well as safer and more efficient. Since it does not depend on air for inflation due to its patented design, its immune to the traditional flat potential that a standard pneumatic tire.

PostalPix Aluminum Prints

With all the digital photos being taken on our digital camera’s and smart phones it seems we have fewer prints than we did when we actually shot on film as negatives were useless without printing. So when we do actually make a physical copy why not make one that really last with postal pix aluminum print. Using the postalpix app one can make a glossy gas infused print directly to 1mm thick aluminum.
Msrp 8.00-25.00

Bose Solo Tv Sound System

Most of today’s flat screen televisions do not have a great speaker system built in due to the flat panel design.The Bose Solo
tv sound system can operate as a self contained unit without the usual additional home theatre setup. It has three choices of inputs from analog, coaxial or optical inputs via a single connection. It can also be used with a universal remote if one prefers control of televison and speaker system via a single remote.
Msrp 399.95

New iMac

The new iMac is 5mm thick with led backlighting with 40 percent less volume. The screen is also 75 percent less reflective than the last generation screen. It also uses 50 percent less energy with the screen on in idle state, also free of many toxins so very recyclable, and qualifies for energy star 5.2 rating.
Msrp 1299.00 for 21.5 inch model and 1799.00 for 27 inch model. Availability Dec 2012.

Intel Wireless Display

It appears that display manufactures along with PC makers, certain media players and tv adapter manufactureres are getting on board with Intel’s Widi technology. With latest 3.5 upgrade latency of 60ms is possible depending on whether one is using Ivy chip set, and current recommended hardware.
The latest 3rd generation Intel processors support full 1080p that was previously limited to 720p. Also supports Windows 8 and 5.1 surround sound as well.


Lockitron allows keyless entry or lock using any smartphone with two button app and with an iPhone 4s or 5 it allows automatic sense when you walk up to the door and unlocks door automatically via bluetooth. Also can monitor when your door is locked or unlocked even
when a key is used via your smartphone.
Msrp: 179.00 (shipping late May 2013)

Alienware M14X

The Alienware M14X has a real quality build feel to it than your traditional laptop. Granted it is designed more for gamers, but with capability to handle the fast frame rates of gamers, this makes it great for people that need to use editing software or programs that demand high graphic capabilities.
Alienware is now carried by Dell and offers up an array of customization from processor options,sdram,hard drive options, graphic card options.
Msrp:999.00 to 1449.00

SBU V3 Self Powered Unicycle

The SBU V3 self powered unicycle by Focus Designs reminds me of a Segway with just one wheel. The great part of the SBU V3 is much more easier to navigate on walkways and among pedestrian traffic as it does not take up the width of a Segway. Its also ultra portable since it weighs just 27 pounds, and can even fold down for airtravel in overhead storage (check with individual air carrier policies). Its able to travel up to 15mph and loads up to 325lbs and range of 7.5 to 10 miles and grades up to 30%.