New Mac Pro and D700 GPU

The New Mac Pro is offered up in a myriad of available user configurations. The base price ranging from 2999.00 for one with a 4 core processor and 3999.00 for the base model with a 6 core processor, all the way up to 9599.00 with a fully optioned 12 core processor and dual D700 graphic cards.
Where it gets interesting is in Apple’s offering of the graphics card. There is a lot of comparison of the Mac Pro AMD D700 and the AMD Firepro W9000.
What is interesting is the Firepro W9000 msrp 3999.00 and can be purchased around 3500.00 on various sites when I checked. That is about 7000.00 worth of graphics power. Someone can purchase a 3999.00 mac pro 6 core processor unit and 600.00 upgrade from D500 to dual D700 graphic cards for an msrp of 4599.00 on the Apple’s website.
Initially there is probably not a lot of programs to take full advantage of GPU architecture compared with window based Firepro W9000, however it looks
like at 600.00 its a bargain when comparing an AMD Firepro W9000 and practically getting the Mac Pro 6 core unit for free.
Personally the base unit would be way more than I would personally need, however looking at all the configurations…for the money I think if someone who required the power for graphics rendering,editing,photoshop,etc and to future proof themselves and at the same time find a “sweet spot” from a price point..this is how I would configure a system :

1) Select the 6 core Mac 3999.00
2) Select 32GB of 1866mhz DDR3 ECC memory 400.00
3) Select 512 GB PCIe Flash based storage 300.00
4) Select Dual AMD Firepro D700 Gpu’s of6GB GDDR5 Vram 600.00

Total: 5299.00