Tired of filling out your email address for online forms?

If your tired of typing out your email address over and over on your iphone there is an easy shortcut. This keyboard shortcut can actually be used for shortening the length of typing any repetitive address or character intensive descriptions using the keyboard shortcut on the iPhone.
Basically go to Settings on your phone, click on General, then scroll down to Keyboard and click, make sure that shortcut is on. Then scroll down to shortcuts and click add new shortcut. You will see a screen with Phrase: this is where you would type in your email for example: john.jones @gmail.com Now you will type in the Shortcut for this address such as
gmail.com. So the next time you type in gmail and click enter your actual email address john.jones @gmail.com will appear.
You can do this of course for any number of phrases as well. If your home address is say 403 Franklin st. this could be phrase and enter 403 as shortcut. The next time you type 403 your full st address will appear.